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Help on site!

TheBuyAndSellStore is committed to helping people in need in the city of St. Gallen by others who no longer need clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.


Every Friday afternoon there is free clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for those who are in need of them.


We would like to thank everyone who makes this possible! 

"Letting go is the true path to happiness."

Everyone who brings joy to others is allowed to participate.


What we accept:

useful, well-preserved, clean...

ladies and gentlemen's clothing.

  • Baby & children's clothes
  • Household textiles
  • Leather clothing
  • Shoes (in pairs)
  • Plasticized textiles (rain protection etc.)

For larger quantities, our chauffeur will also be happy to visit you.


Many thanks for the support!


TheBuyAndSellStore does not only accept donations of goods but also of money.

Simply enter the note "DONATION" in the deposit/envelope.


We will keep you up to date - help on site!


"Karma has no expiration date"